Premium Water Colour Brushes Wallet (Set of 5) - by Zieler

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Premium Water Colour Brushes Wallet (Set of 5) - by Zieler | 09299267 , The Premium watercolour paint brush set by Zieler contains 5 anti-shedding, Fine synthetic brushes made from high quality fibres to give you a consistent stroke every time. Manufactured to a high standard to ensure that they are also suitable for acrylic and oil painting. The set consists of: Round No.0, 8, Fan No. 2, Long Flat No. 3/4" and a No. 3 Rigger. Ideal for canvas, wood, plastic and paper. Ideal for all levels of artists. After multiple washes and uses the brushes will continue to maintain their shape and form. Easy to clean with soapy warm water and to reshaped using your fingers. Durable brush handles are designed for maximum strength and comfort. Supplied in a plastic wallet so all your brushes are kept safe and are portable. , Dimensions (mm) = 280 x 80 x 20