Premium Acrylic & Oil Brush wallet (Set of 5) - by Zieler

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Premium Acrylic & Oil Brush wallet (Set of 5) - by Zieler | 09299268 , ✔ The set consists of: Round No.0, 4 & 8, Flat No. 10, Long Flat No. 3/4"  ✔ Ideal for canvas, wood, plastic and paper. Ideal for all levels of artists. 5 anti-shedding, synthetic brushes made from high quality fibres to give you a consistent stroke every time. Manufactured to a high standard to ensure that they are also suitable for both acrylic and oil painting. ✔ Durable brush handles are designed for maximum strength and comfort. Supplied in a plastic wallet so all your brushes are kept safe and are portable ✔ After multiple washes and uses the brushes will continue to maintain their shape and form. Easy to clean with soapy warm water and to reshaped using your fingers. ✔ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ★★★★★ by Samuel Thomas (Professional Artist). , Dimensions (mm) = 280 x 80 x 20