Envelope Addressing Guides

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Perfectly address all your invitations, cards, letters, and other personal correspondence! Here is a surefire shortcut to beautifully-addressed envelopes: Simply place the appropriate stencil over your envelope and address in block letters for a crisp, neat look. For fancy hand-lettering or calligraphy that's perfectly aligned, trace the stencils lightly in pencil, letter in pen, and erase the pencil lines when you're done. Includes 4 templates designed to fit the most common envelope sizes: one A7 invitation and greeting card envelope template ruled for print writing; one A7 envelope template ruled for calligraphy; one A1 response card and thank you note envelope template; one number 10 business envelope template, with guidelines for A4 and A2 envelopes. No measuring or lightbox required! Accompanying instructions give helpful tips for excellent envelopes. For printing and calligraphy.