Bauhaus Edition - Hardcover Medium Notebook

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We celebrate the geometry of Bauhaus design with the “Everything starts from a dot.” special edition, that was honored with the Red Dot Design Award. A characteristic feature of the Bauhaus special edition notebooks is the Wassily Kandinsky's quote embossed on the front cover: “Everything starts from a dot”. There are 4 medium, dotted notebooks in the collection. Each color has different color dots that correspond with side cut color. A brief profile of Wassily Kandinsky is featured on the endpaper. Wassily Kandinsky, painter, graphic artist, art theorist and teacher of the Bauhaus movement, summed it up with the following: “Everything starts from a dot”. Creativity emerges in the mind, but if it is to be given to the real world, it must leave the mind and travel through the hand to a sheet of paper, and always begins ... with a dot. The first point of contact between thought and paper, a decisive moment. Dimension = 210 x 145 mm / 251 pages / Paper = 80g/m²