5"x7" Travel Watercolour Paper Spiral Pad

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5"x7" Travel Watercolour Paper Spiral Pad - 300gsm, 12 sheets - by Zieler | 09290020 , The 5"x7" watercolour spiral pad by Zieler contains 12 sheets of lightly textured paper perfect for use with watercolour and gouache. Cold pressed so lightly textured to provide the ideal surface for watercolour and gouache painting. Free of optical brightening agents and buffered with calcium carbonate to prevent colour-loss. 300gsm thick paper ensures that it absorbs water and withstands erasures and masking fluids. Ideal for abstract and freestyle painting. Soft white colour paper Suitable for all types of gouache and watercolour work - including pans, pencils and paints. Spiral bound so pages can be easily turned or removed if desired. 5" x 7" size make it ideal for use on your travels. Acid free , Dimensions (mm) = 180 x 125 x 20