Sunshine The Amsterdam Notebook

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  • The Amsterdam Notebook by The City Works.
  • The cover is hand-pressed in our studio in Austria, leaving a lasting impression on the cover, and hopefully on you too.
  • The spine is also embossed with the name of the city, with our logo on the reverse.
  • Each notebook has 128 plain inside pages,
  • bound together in the Netherlands using OTA-binding.
  • This method is stronger, uses little glue, and allows the notebook to lay totally flat while using it.
  • This maximises the creative area.
  • Each notebook is strapped in a frosted-paper bellyband, complete with a set of four line guides: Ruled, Gridded, Dotted and Hello World (a fun template for drawing landmarks or coloring in)
  • . They’re bold, simple, sturdy, and slot perfectly into the spine of the notebook. The notebook is available in five colours: Blue, Yellow, Green