Introductory Calligraphy Pen Set | 3 Nibs & 1 Pen Section

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Introductory Calligraphy Pen Set | 3 Nibs & 1 Pen Section | Includes Cartridges - by Zieler | 09299263 , Calligraphy Pen Set - Introductory Calligraphy Writing set by Zieler® ● Free-flowing nibs with a soft rubber grip for more comfortable writing ● Designed for right-handed writers ● Ideal for Beginners   3 CALLIGRAPHY NIB SECTIONS - 1.0mm, 1.5mm & 2.0mm allow you to write various size lettering and to try new techniques. 1 easy-screw pen barrel for effortless nib changes. 1 lid cap to help prevent your ink drying out. SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS - This set is perfect for those new to Calligraphy writing or those who are more accomplished. VERSATILE - Suitable for producing formal wedding invites or just doodling! Various styles of creative writing can be easily accomplished including Italic, Roman Round Hand, Uncial and others. 5 Things you should know before you buy a Calligraphy Pen Set , Dimensions (mm) = 180 x 120 x 20