Deck of 120 A7 single-colored memo cards

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Deck of 120 A7 single-colored memo cards consisting of 20 to-do list cards + 20 dotted cards + 20 cards with ruler + 20 blank cards + 20 lined cards + 20 grid cards. Available in seven different colour: white, yellow, pink, blue, green, beige, white and brown. Small handy format: A7 (74 x 105 mm). Also available in A6 format. All our index cards are printed in France on thick Italian paper (260 g/m²), recycled and recyclable. WARNING: Our verde classico is temporarily replaced by our limited edition color "verde tatin" (see last photo). The verde tatin, born from a production oversight, like the famous pie of the same name, has a brighter hue and shades of yellow, which bring a spring wind to our autunno palette.