Best Buds Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • Introducing our first circle puzzle ever — Best Buds!
  • You will be astounded by the jazzy colors playing out in this floral symphony.
  • The fiery oranges, brilliant turquoise, and deep purples are in perfect sync.
  • Enjoy the glossy, sturdy feel of each puzzle piece in your hand as you assemble this harmonious arrangement — while looking forward to the sense of accomplishment you will achieve once your composition is complete.
  • Product Features * 500 Piece Puzzledly Jigsaw Puzzle - Random Cut Pieces *
  • High gloss, perfectly locking vibrant pieces *
  • A bonus poster of the puzzle image is included with every Puzzledly jigsaw puzzle for help in solving.
  • Hang it up for reference while you work on your puzzle. *
  • We use 100% recycled material for all our puzzles and boxes *
  • Featuring a finished size of 19" diameter *
  • Sturdy puzzle box for storage *
  • $1 donated to Hilarity for Charity with the purchase of this puzzle